"Miss Ale" is highly regarded for her ability to inspire children through the arts.  PHOTO CREDIT: Gladys Vega-Dunn

"Miss Ale" is highly regarded for her ability to inspire children through the arts.
PHOTO CREDIT: Gladys Vega-Dunn

Alejandra Sapirstein

Known to many in Hoboken as "Miss Ale", Alejandra Sapirstein has a passion for inspiring kids to find their talents and creativity. Parents in and around Hoboken love her spirit and enthusiasm and, of course, the happiness she brings to their children!

Born in the beautiful coastal city of La Serena, Chile, Alejandra is an experienced dance teacher, choreographer and professional dancer.

Since 2007, she has taught primarily in Hoboken, NJ and as of 2017, she is also teaching in neighboring Jersey City and across the river in Manhattan. Her students range in age from 15 months to 14 years old. She has additionally studied vintage art & fashion, and “Lindy Hop” swing dance - all of which are woven into her creative classes and programs with toddlers, preschoolers and older children.

Her dance experience includes studies in variety of countries, including the United States, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, France, as well as her native Chile.

“Miss Ale” has worked extensively at various programs throughout Hoboken, having taught and choreographed a number of successful performances at schools like Hoboken Charter and HoLa Dual Language Charter School, of which she forms an integral part of the Fine Arts staff since its beginnings.

She began offering the bilingual Spanish language and Arts program “Pinta & Play™ I” for toddlers and their caregivers, and has since expanded to create a “Pinta & Play™ II” - a program for preschool age children as well!

Pinta & Play™ programs are one of a kind in this area, providing a unique combination of art, latin music, literature, creative playtime, culture, group activities and storytelling in order to not only encourage and cultivate creative thinking, but to teach Spanish language in an organic and playful way. The Language portion of the program is especially important for both families who are interested in their little language learners to be exposed to and experience Spanish as a second language and for those families who already speak Spanish and would like their children to continue developing the language naturally in a caring and authentic environment.

Miss Ale’s original style, warmth and joy resonates with the families she teaches.

“Pinta & Play is one of the best activities we’ve ever done with our son. The energy is so vibrant and enjoyable. It’s a very carefree, creative and safe place to dance, sing, play and paint - even if you aren’t “good” at it. Our 2.5 yr old has been going there for over a year now and we truly adore it. Miss Ale’s talent and commitment to her students is evident the second you walk into her classes. She is very knowledgeable, personable, and informative about children’s creativity, musical, and linguistic development. She’s very gifted with children and made my son feel very special every week”

- Regina B., Hoboken

“My 2.5 yr son has been in Pinta & Play program for the past 9 months, and learning plenty of Spanish along the way! Miss Ale’s program is hands down the most engaging, stimulating and rewarding around. She is a very special educator and I am so glad we found her”

- Jessica M., Jersey City

Alejandra Sapirstein (Miss Ale) Founder and Director of Santiago Dance Kids, Pinta & Play ™ I and II.