Classes for Toddlers in Hoboken

Inspiring creativity in toddlers through the arts is
the essence of PINTA & PLAY ™

Pinta & Play™ Level I - for toddlers, 18 to 36 months


Pinta & Play™ is the perfect class for getting little ones tuned in to their creative and artistic abilities. 

Children are naturally creative and are amazing learners. The best way to channel that talent is to connect with the world, through art and play. Exploration of new experiences stimulates cognitive, social and artistic development. Pinta & Play™ is designed to be a platform for these new experiences.

To inquire about our classes for toddlers in Hoboken, NJ - please call Alejandra Sapirstein ("Miss Ale") at (917) 603-1473 or drop us a note below, and we'll circle back.

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